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A modern СT scanner specially for teeth. (“Gazeta Wyborcza” September 20, 2010)

This СT scanner does not resemble a large machine with a tube in which a patient lies, like in case of a traditional CT scanner. Here, a patient sits on a comfortable chair, a chin rests on a special frame, and the so-called “canopy” revolves around the patient’s head, mapping precisely its entire internal structure. The examination includes the craniofacial area and shows all the structures of jaw and sinuses.

− This is very important to us, especially in implantology − Agnieszka Kania says, an owner of Panaceum. − This field of dentistry, i. e. the inserting of dental implants, is very invasive. With the tools we enter bones in which blood vessels and nerves run. Damages done to these delicate structures could lead to very serious consequences. So precision is extremely important here, and above all, excellent knowledge of the matter in which we have to move − she emphasizes.
Used for several weeks at the Panaceum Centre of Implantology and Cosmetic Dentistry, this device is of the latest generation, still rare in the world and in Poland, where there are only few of them. It allows to obtain scans of a very high quality depicting structures inside the craniofacial area, and above all emits 200 times lower dose of X-rays compared to traditional CT scanner, which is important to the examined patient.

− In addition, the examination on this device lasts for twelve seconds, while on traditional CT scanner a dozen or so minutes longer − emphasizes Kania. − The radiation is generated only for five and a half seconds, that is why the examination is so safe.

On the computer’s desktop, which is an integral part of the apparatus, one can see − apart from many scans of the examined area − a three-dimensional image that can be easily rotated. − We can see everything from all sides – Kania raves about it.

The doctor can also (using a three-dimensional image and graphic program) mark the place of the implants, “practice” future activities along with patient’s participation. − It gives more confidence at work and guarantees that everything will be done in the best and safest way − the dentist says.

The dental tomography is useful not only in implantology, but also in orthodontics, in root canal treatment, in interventions related, for example, to wisdom teeth.

An English-speaking laryngologist also benefits from it. Due to dental tomography, she looks at her patients’ maxillary sinuses, which makes the laryngological diagnosis very easy.

Until now, when planning to insert implants, Kania used X-ray images or − before major implantations − sent patients for classical medical computed tomography. − However, such an examination is governed by slightly different laws, it did not provide the kind of picture I expected. That’s why I decided to go a little further.
A few months ago Panaceum leased a device worth several hundred thousand zlotys.

− This investment will never return in the economic sense, but it gives a great sense of security to the patient and the doctor, which cannot be overestimated – Kania says.

She learnt how to read the dental tomography imaging in the United States, where this diagnostic method is gaining more and more popularity.

Now she is trying to sign a contract with NHF for the next year regarding dental tomography.
For now, however, the examination is payable. − We did our best not to set a high price, because we want our patients to use it – Kania explains. − The examination costs 150 PLN.

For the time being, Panaceum patients and those who come by a nice laryngologist, undergo the examination first of all. This is due to the fact that so far, apart from Agnieszka Kania, only one person reads and describes scans. − However, we also want others to learn how to do it – Kania says.

The device is serviced by its Korean manufacturer, which is done remotely. − All we need to do is leave the CT scanner on so that the Koreans can remotely test its fitness and intervene if necessary − Kania emphasizes.

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