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More Money for Teeth Treatment under Anaesthesia

Source: Agnieszka Kania, 28/09/2011

So far, we were able to receive fifteen disabled patients per month, now it will be at least twenty − Dr. Agnieszka Kania, who treats teeth of the handicapped children under anaesthesia at the dental clinic Panaceum, is pleased to announce.
− Until recently, I did not realize how important it is − Dr. Kania says. − Because dental treatment of the handicapped children or even adults is completely different work than just repairing teeth. It is almost never about filling one tooth, but about a comprehensive treatment − sometimes twelve, even sixteen teeth, resections, sinuses stitching, and surgery. Such a surgery under general anaesthesia lasts about two hours. However, there is no price for the joy with which parents or caregivers look at the effects of the procedure. That is why we are very happy that NHF has given us money for those patients.

Since the news has spread that at Panaceum on Pużaka Street in Opole, a disabled child can be treated under narcosis, patients come not only from the entire voivodeship, but from others as well. − We do not send anyone away, exposing ourselves to excessive costs and to not getting refund for some patients − Dr. Kania says.

That is why it is so important for us that now we will have some more money. Because those patients must be helped. Sick teeth mean sick sinuses and even a sick heart. In addition, many of those patients have to undergo surgery, which would not be possible without first curing the teeth.

At Panaceum, autistic children and children with Down’s syndrome, those who have no contact with the environment and have all serious disabilities, are treated. Giving them anaesthesia is the only way to help them. There is practically no way to explain to impaired people how important it is for them to have healthy teeth, that is, it is necessary for them to open their mouths and be examined. − And keeping an open mouth for a longer time is not an option at all − she adds.

After coming to Panaceum, a disabled patient receives an injection − the so-called stupid Jaś − after which he or she feels relaxed enough to be able to undergo the examination on a special super-modern CT scanner designed to diagnose changes in jaw and sinuses. Once the doctors have obtained accurate imaging diagnostics, the anaesthesiologist provides medicine through the vein injection. The patient remains under constant monitoring during anaesthesia, which includes the monitoring of work of heart as well.

During this time, a five-person staff for one and a half to two hours cleanses teeth from caries, removes those that cannot be saved, performs gums stitching, etc.

Apart from Opole, they will cure under anaesthesia the disabled patients in Prudnik, Strzelce, Namysłów and Nysa.

Statistics show that about 8-12 percent of the population are the disabled people, many of whom are mentally handicapped.

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