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Cosmetic dentistry is a true hobby of the PANACEUM staff that has been participating in the meetings of European Cosmetic Dentistry Academy for many years, exchanging experience and gaining new one.

Modern dentistry is based on the principle of minimal invasiveness. The preparatory phase preceding the removal of cosmetic defects is of paramount importance. We create designs on diagnostic models, and then set the wax teeth, check the preparation and occlusion, improve the aesthetic effect, and finally try them on the patient’s teeth.

The most delicate form of defects removal is the use of porcelain veneers − thin petals glued to the teeth. We offer our patients the highest quality veneers that make their teeth look natural.

To protect teeth against fractures after root canal treatment or in case of mechanical injuries, crowns are made. The most aesthetic and durable ones are made entirely of porcelain, which is created by firing the only white metal found in nature − zirconium.

The beam of light running through the crown does not stop at any point, but penetrates it like a natural tooth. Therefore, modern crowns are similar to natural teeth.

In case of major damage, permanent or removable dentures are used.

Acknowledging the advantages of implants, their ability to imitate the natural teeth and taking into account the prevention of bone atrophies, we are increasingly choosing the prostheses based on implants. These are the bridges that resemble the natural teeth due to their construction, behaviour in the mouth and aesthetics. The second form of lost teeth reconstruction are removable dentures fixed on special latches, bolts or telescopic crowns, which allows to obtain a good aesthetic effect, high stability and comfort of usage.

At PANACEUM, we do not forget about patients who had lost all their teeth. We offer them stable (movable and fixed) prosthesis mounted on implants, as well as the entire prosthetics in accordance with the principles of biomechanics responsible for bone tissue protection.

We are supported by Polish and Italian laboratories − our partners in the construction of stable, durable, properly balanced in terms of weight and naturally beautiful supplements.

PANACEUM is the place where aesthetics reigns, and the twenty-first century obliges us to perform prosthetic operations at the highest international standards.

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