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We have been carrying out dental implant treatment for 15 years at PANACEUM.
On the basis of statistics results performed in our clinic, the percentage of successful implantations is 98.5%. In case of complications, implant rejection, we provide another one for free. Taking care of the patients’ comfort and satisfaction, we provide a 5-year warranty for our dental services. Its conditions have been created to ensure the durability of treatment for many years.

Warranty Policy:
1. The warranty starts on the day the service is performed.
2. The warranty is conditional on the implementation of the treatment plan accepted by the patient.
3. The plan may include the treatment of one or several teeth or complex treatment.
4. The patient is obliged to come on the dates of follow-up visits set by the doctor, not less than every 6 months.
6. Follow-ups and treatment are payable.
7. Follow-ups can be free for the patients who have a Loyalty Card in our office.

The warranty does not cover:
1. Temporary fillings used longer than prescribed by a doctor,
2. Treatment performed at the patient’s request, confirmed by his signature that he was informed about the lack of a warranty for the service provided,
3. Complications that may occur after the performed procedures (pain, swelling, the need for root treatment, etc.),
5. Own teeth breaking,
6. Vertical root cracking,
7. Other accidents,
8. Use of prostheses incompatible with intended use.

The warranty cannot be granted if the patient has stopped the treatment cycle and it has a significant impact on the preservation of the effect of the treatment.

The warranty ceases to apply when the patient:
1. Does not keep appointments up to 6 weeks,
2. Does not perform the prescribed therapeutic and prophylactic treatment,
3. Does not comply with hygienic guidelines
4. The patient becomes ill with a systemic disease that significantly affects the condition of the masticatory system, e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, treatment with biophosphonates, cytotoxic drugs, radiotherapy, etc.

Warranties in the process of dental treatment
When coming to the dentist’s office, a patient often expects quick pain relief, then the improvement of the aesthetics of the teeth and face, and finally the improvement of occlusion. All these treatments have to improve his well-being and lead to the acceptance of his appearance. The patient also wonders how long the effect (obtained for considerable money) will last. He expects a guarantee for the work done. However, one should realize that the warranty for treatment and medical procedures cannot equal the warranty that we receive on a daily basis, e.g. for household products or home electronics. Human body is a living matter and is subject to constant changes such as development, disease, and the aging process.
Is it possible to give a “warranty” for a number of phenomena that are not fully dependent on us? When a doctor treats a patient, very often he works against the forces of nature, because it is nature that makes a patient ill. Just as human organism can resist various diseases in an unbelievable way, it also cannot be able to defend itself against various diseases even with doctor’s help. Medical treatment does not guarantee good functioning of the body but helps the patient to fight the disease, achieve the maximum improvement of health, predict the consequences of diseases, prevent the relapse and exacerbation of diseases. The doctor cannot give a commonly understood warranty for what he did but he can provide a patient with the feeling that everything he does is according to the best of his knowledge and the latest achievements of medicine. The warranty which results from legislation, understood as the physician’s financial responsibility, may relate to medical services that are connected with the performance of such work as fillings, crowns, bridges, prostheses. Technical errors occurring during the process of performing this work can be removed as part of the commonly understood warranty. However, one cannot expect that the doctor will be responsible for the process of use of the work done. Of course, there may be situations when the work can be damaged during the use but one should realize that it is only a prosthesis and it is not able to perfectly replace the natural elements of the body being just a “spare part”.

Long-term healing success is also not possible without the patient’s help. Compliance with the doctor’s recommendations and follow-up visits, obligatory every six months, will allow to avoid mistakes connected with hygiene, allow minor repairs and corrections of the dental work, will prevent disease processes in time or allow their treatment in the initial phase which is of great importance for the health condition of oral cavity and long use of fillings and prostheses.

Another problem is parents’ expectations related to the orthodontic treatment of their children. One should realize that the healing success in these cases depends to a large extent on the parental control over the child and more specifically on the compliance with medical recommendations. It requires self-discipline and dutifulness from young patients, as well as oral hygiene at the highest level. The role of parents in this situation cannot be overestimated. Orthodontic treatment is a long-term treatment, takes a few or even a dozen or so years and often requires the cooperation of many specialists such as a surgeon, children’s dentist, and orthotist. The clinical effect of such a “long-distance” treatment is not always predictable at the beginning, because it is impossible to predict completely what changes will take place in the development of the masticatory system. In addition, the expectations of parents do not always coincide with the treatment possibilities.

There are no cheap, easy and quick methods in modern dentistry, and the achieved clinical success must be kept along with the patient’s great involvement. The doctor, due to the saying “The doctor treats, nature heals”, is only nature’s assistant, to which a patient also belongs, therefore the doctor cannot replace nature during the healing process.

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