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Opole implants

A jaw and a mandible belong to a facial skeleton. The muscles are located on the jawbones, with soft tissues such as cheeks and lips attached to them.

Apart from its constructional function, the jaw should also protect the brain from injuries that appear during the occlusion. Hence it has a spongy, delicate structure. After a loss of teeth, jawbones deteriorate faster than the mandible, made of strong, solid tissue.

Therefore, if one wants to enjoy a healthy, young appearance, unchanged despite the flow of time, it is necessary to choose the best implants after losing teeth. In this case the brain will recognize the implants as its own teeth and thus protect the bones from deterioration.

The Centre of Implantology and Cosmetic Dentistry PANACEUM enables patients to use the latest world achievements in implantology technique. The goal of our team is to achieve the best aesthetic and health effects.

Bearing in mind full comfort of our patients, we offer treatment under general anaesthesia.

A long experience of PANACEUM staff in implantation is substantiated by numerous trainings at the best clinical centres in Europe and the world, which is documented by the certificates.

In the interest of the patients’ well-being, Dr. Agnieszka Kania is constantly improving her implantology skills under the guidance of world-renowned specialists in Opole. Recently, in 2009, she did post-graduate studies at the renowned Institute of Implantology of Carl Misch in Michigan (the USA). Excellent diagnostics, comprehensive planning of the final effect, that is, a healthy and a beautiful smile, as well as the skilful hand and precision of the doctor, make 98% of implants used at PANACEUM serve the beauty and health of patients for a long time.

At PANACEUM, we rely on implantology system of the best global companies: 3i (the USA), Camlog (Germany), Nobel Biocare (Sweden), Ankylos Sycone (the USA).

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