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Dental abrasion is always a pathological phenomenon.
There should be no physiological erosion in human beings! Yes, teeth wear out, but when they are used correctly, the abrasion is 14 microns per year. That is, changes in enamel cannot be seen for one hundred years without using the microscope. When we see the tooth wear, we think about the excessive burden.


A frequent cause of incisors shortening are extensive fillings on the side teeth (which are too flat) made without attention to their original architecture. The incisors lack space, begin to excessively rub against each other and shorten. It is worth taking care of the right shape of molars, because they are supposed to work. They were created for this − nature had been improving their form for seven million years, until she chose the best one, with holes and bumps. The fillings made by dentist should be the same. The repairing of the shortened front teeth ­− as in this case − often involves their non-invasive restoration with composites of such a colour so that the line between resin and teeth would be invisible.

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