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Microscopic Dentistry

Thanks to our skills and experience and due to the latest technology at Panaceum, we fight to save the most damaged teeth.
Caries developed in a healthy tooth or under a leaky filling can attack a soft tissue of the tooth, commonly called the nerve. In this case endodontic treatment should be undertaken. It consists in the removal of the infected with bacteria nerves from the dental tubules − this procedure is completely painless and carried out under anesthesia ­­− and then widening and disinfecting the canals with appropriate chemicals and filling them with a liquid gutta-percha. Properly performed root canal treatment allows one to keep one’s own teeth.
It is difficult to get proper root canal treatment without proper equipment. For instance, due to an electronically controlled operating microscope, it is possible to find every root canal orifice, often invisible to the naked eye. Only in the magnification of 25 one can spot the curved or obliterated (overgrown) dental tubules. It is virtually impossible to see them without a microscope, and thus the tooth is doomed to be removed. A device called the endometer allows you to determine the length of the root canals and helps safely prepare them for filling, while the apparatus called BeeFill allows you to preheat a gutta-percha to the right temperature and to apply to the dental tubules. Root canal treatment is performed under an X-ray inspection.

We know how important your own teeth are and that is why we fight for almost every tooth. Our doctors participate in specialist courses and trainings, constantly improving their skills and deepening their knowledge. Due to that we are able to face the most difficult challenges.

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