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What is diastema?

This is a gap between the upper incisors, sometimes so wide that it makes it difficult to pronounce some sounds, and sometimes it also adversely changes smile. This gap can be reduced orthodontically or by using dental composites. They are applied without interference with hard dental tissues. Such a method is non-invasive due to the principles of modern dentistry.


Is it possible to change the position of teeth without the necessity to carry the dental composite? Of course it is, although orthodontic treatment is often the best way to improve teeth position. Here, however, the inclination of the incisors was caused by the aggressive form of periodontal disease with massive bone atrophy, so at first periodontal treatment was carried out, and then implants were made with crowns on them. The patient has enjoyed such a look since 2006.


Teeth grinding or bruxism often leads to tooth abrasion, shortening of crowns, sometimes cracking and painfulness occur in the area of temporomandibular joints as well as persistent headaches. They make the patient look for neurologist’s help. And most often it is sufficient to improve the occlusion, use the relaxation rail, rebuild damaged due to excessive burden crowns, restore their former height − and migraine disappears. Like with this patient.

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